heavy duty drawer slides

L76131- heavy duty drawer slides

With the upgraded alloy mechanism, the anti-shaking L76131 is the robust full extension slide.
The lock-in and lock-out module let you secure to hold the drawers or equipment at open and close position even during the transit.
It comes to tested IEC 60068-2-64 Standard (Environmental testing - Ground vehicle installations: Vibration, random, and guidance) certified. This Standard simulates various types of vibration and shaking during transportation.

It is reliable on mobile drawers, utility vehicles, tactical vehicle storage, drone support, and 4x4 .
It is ideal for tool box, kiosk, high density storage, and medical cabinets.
And the easy mounting brackets are available.

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lock-in and lock-out featuire
Load capacity: 160- 300kg
Side space: 19mm
Length: 300 - 1,500mm
Over travel is optional
Easy mounting brackets are avaliable
Clear zink finish
High corrosion resistance solution is optional.

DIN 4548  and AISI standard
IEC 60068-2-64 Standard


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