2022 Color of the Year | Europe

We believe 2022 will be full of positive feelings!

Consumers in Europe favor achromatic accents in their kitchen,
these colors are black, white, grey, and perhaps almond.
This choice is due to the simplicity and calm environment that these colors bring.


European kitchen's quest for color saturation is lower than the US market,
thus enhancing the atmosphere of comfort and calm.
In 2022 the industry will bring back new colors different from the past,
like dark blue, dark green, and burgundy red.
Although these colors are more colorful than the achromatic accents,
the contrast will be higher and the brightness lower than in the US market.
The main reason is that a decent accent is the most crucial factor for the kitchen in Europe.


That is why we are looking forward to these low-key colors.
Nevertheless, black, white, and grey will still be on-trend to represent their minimalist nature.

1. Indigo Blue

Indigo Blue brings springtime freshness to our room.
It is often associated with navy themes and conjures up feelings of peace,
bringing a harmonious look to a living room décor.

2. Jade Green

Energetic, classy, and even versatile,

jade green is also making us visually comfortable with the interior space.

3. Light Hue Oak

Light hue Oak cabinets have a fascinating grain that radiates warmth and coziness.

4. Smokey Grey

Smokey grey always plays a steady accent for us;
You could see it as an all-purpose color but still hot in any scenario in the present day.


How to select cabinet hardware to light up my kitchen?

Sun Chain continuously looks into what the most influential interior design experts predict will be
the buzz-worthy colors for coming years. We take these findings and apply them to our cabinet hardware.

This way, we can put our signature handle colors into different cupboards,
making it easy to choose your preferred combination.
Plus, it enhances the atmosphere by lifting your mood and filling up the room with positive energy.
Enough to help you face the challenges of the future.

"Exceed" and "Swing" in color: Inox Look, Gold, Rose Gold, Anthracite

We can select the color range between dramatic (like gold or rose gold) and relaxed (like inox look or anthracite)
in a majestic atmosphere. Try these two kinds of knobs to decorate your interior with an optimistic design.

"Inspire" in color: Gold, Inox Look, Anthracite, Matte Black

We consider jade green a gracious color, so we suggest you have a creative, vigorous, yet low-key handle,
"Inspire," and of course, with our signature color. No matter from what perspectives, they always fit in very well.

"Viola" in color: Gold, Matte Black, Anthracite, Inox Look

Says the wooden color, the gold, and inox look color are more eye-catching than the rest of the colors, but anyway,
matte black and anthracite still provide a good harmony for us when we are immersed in a wooden atmosphere.

"Collect" in color: Matte Black, Anthracite, Inox Look

In terms of achromatic accent, we have more reasons to believe this range of handles can offer us another decent and
calm feeling. That slight geometrical indentation provides a good pull. The pinch handle is an increasing trend of the interior.


Pandemic can't defeat hopeful people who desire new things; everyone starts to get their show on the road.
Thus, we believe 2022 will be totally fresh and full of positive feelings.
This emotion also perfectly goes well with vivid colors, which are becoming the new trend next year.

"The colors are inspired by simple and sensorial pleasures, as consumers gravitate towards mood-boosting products and experiences."
Head of Content at Coloro---Joanne Thomas said,
"Colors embody these treasured moments with an almost tangible sense of depth, texture, and saturation."

That means the direct impact of senses is the essential factor from the consumer's perspective.
Besides, this surrounding feeling expresses well that
people have already overcome many obstacles and are finding a new philosophy of life.