Color Trends 2022

During this post-epidemic period, and the widespread lockdowns it has made necessary, we spend more time at home. Therefore, the color tones were inevitably becoming more essential in our environments. We would like to share the color trends with you.

Through this post-epidemic period, even the pandemic slows down gradually in many countries,
we still can’t let ourselves go.
We usually tend to make a sightseeing tour during lockdown, but unfortunately we can’t.
In this situation, the color tone of our environments are getting more and more important.

Thus, low-contrast color tone makes us calm, comfortable, and want to spend more time at home.
According to the trend of these years, Classic Green, Navy Blue, Aegean Teal are constantly very popular,
especially in the U.S. market.
However, people start realizing that if the colors are too heavy or high-contrast,
the interior will become a bit oppressive.

So in 2022,
consumer will prefer immersing themselves in low-contrast color tone,
not only in kitchen, but also in the rest of their rooms.
On the other hand, the glossy surface of the panels is gradually being replaced by matte surfaces.
The reason is obvious– fingerprints, grease or even scratches are easily visible on the glossy surfaces.
In order not to spend time on cleaning, use matte coating to against dust and dirt is quite important.


Taking kitchen for instance, here are our recommendations below:
Haint blue                                                                                                           Avocado

Mint green                                                                                                           Alpine White

Furthermore, if you really into wooden panel,
white oak is another nice option to brighten the place up.

What style and color of handles should I choose to fit in these interiors?

The handle is an extension of the personality of your place,
and selecting the right handles to arrange in the right panel is a perfect way to give your place a reborn.
In general, a beautiful and proper collocation can increase the value of your home by up to 10%!
As with most home improvement projects,
executing a well thought out plan for upgrading handles will yield much better results.


We would like to devotedly introduce our collocation to you below:

Haint blue


Mint Green

Alpine White

White Oak