2022 Color of the Year | North America

We believe 2022 will be full of positive feelings!

In terms of kitchen style in the US,
consumers prefer heavier, high-contrast, and low-brightness colors,
like Classic Blue, Midnight Blue, Hunt Club, or Evergreen.

However, in 2022,
these colors will transform into lighter, low-contrast, and high-brightness colors.
Just like the interiors are ignited by light, it will also light up our day.

1. Light Blue

"cool colors help walls recede to make the space feel larger,"

Lucy O'Brien from Tartan & Toile explained.

2. Mint Green

A vivid mint green cupboard introduces a touch of personality and leisure.

3. Oyster Bay

This natural and fresh tone is positively satisfying.

4. White

With creamy undertones, it's arguably the most popular and timeless color.


How to select cabinet hardware to brighten up my kitchen?

Sun Chain continuously looks into what the most influential interior design experts predict will be
the buzz-worthy colors for coming years. We take these findings and apply them to our cabinet hardware.

This way, we can put our signature handle colors into different cupboards,
making it easy to choose your preferred combination.
Plus, it enhances the atmosphere by lifting your mood and filling up the room with positive energy.
Enough to help you face the challenges of the future.

"Swing" in color: Matte Black, Anthracite, Inox Look, Gold

The light blue color is suitable for matte black, anthracite, inox look, and gold. The handle we recommend
consists of paralleled grooves, imitating the ripple swaying beautifully along with a gleaming sunset.
"Swing" and its color bring a thriving transitional kitchen appearance of brighter North American style.

"Trust" in color: Matte Black, Anthracite, Inox Look

A vivid cupboard color needs vividly designed hardware and appropriate colors.
These three colors are increasingly popular on the market.
"Trust" is smooth and lovely at a glance! It's a zamak oval ball with a hollowed groove,
and the groove is intuitive for users.

"Confide" in color: Matte Black, Anthracite, Inox Look

To harmonize with natural color, "Confide's" flat surface emphasizes the color and texture very precisely,
making the user feel at ease when holding it. These three options are perfect for all types of settings.

"Breed" in color: Anthracite, Chrome, Rose Gold, Gold

"Breed" has a simple, smooth outline, which gives the colors a stroke of genius when decorating a shaker-style kitchen.
It also gives a satisfying visual impact as well as provides a comforting tactile experience.
These four types of color are the most suitable for this shape and scenario.


Pandemic can't defeat hopeful people who desire new things; everyone starts to get their show on the road.
Thus, we believe 2022 will be totally fresh and full of positive feelings.
This emotion also perfectly goes well with vivid colors, which are becoming the new trend next year.

"The colors are inspired by simple and sensorial pleasures, as consumers gravitate towards mood-boosting products and experiences."
Head of Content at Coloro---Joanne Thomas said,
"Colors embody these treasured moments with an almost tangible sense of depth, texture, and saturation."

That means the direct impact of senses is the essential factor from the consumer's perspective.
Besides, this surrounding feeling expresses well that
people have already overcome many obstacles and are finding a new philosophy of life.