Sibling --- No-Drilling & Water Proof System

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Why Sibling?
Made of 100% SUS304 thickening stainless steel and 3M VHB tape, up to 1.1mm and 1.5mm thick, your clothes or devices will not slip off which ensures more safety. SIBLING is easy to use and repositionable. It can be permanently fixed or easily removed depend on your needs, keeping your walls beautiful and damage free.
SIBLING is also versatile: Take the prong hook as an example, you can hang a bunch of items, such as robes, pajamas, cloth hangers, necklaces, towels, etc. The curve of SIBLING is entirely derived from its function and combines concept of “form and function are one” with modernism, and of course thanks to a range of design, SIBLING is much in line with our HARMONY spirit(rational, symphonic, yet elegant) that is harmonious and have an organized look in all of your scenarios.