What's The Advantage of ZAMAC Handles?


You can find that there are many ZAMAC handles being used in furniture design. ZAMAC handle is not only simple and elegant in structure but also stylish and easy to install. It also has strong decorative usability. ZAMAC is the first choice for cabinets and drawers. Currently the most widely used on the market is the ZAMAC handle. There are several features of ZAMAC handle as below:

(1) Nice appearance, diverse colors

ZAMAC handles can be processed through surface treatment to form a series of colors such as gold, chrome, black antique copper and bronze. They are also exquisite shape, fine, noble and elegant.

(2) Strong market competitiveness:

ZAMAC has the characteristics of low melting point, good casting performance, high yield and low production cost. Therefore, ZAMAC handle has the product quality and price compared with the handles of other materials. Due to the advantages above, ZAMAC can be made by various shape easier than other material. Therefore, ZAMAK handles are always considered as the trend leader in cabinet fashion.

(3) Durable and easy maintenance

ZAMAC handle has strong stain resistant, acid and corrosion resistant. The material is hard and not easy to fade or rust. When it gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned with a wet soft cloth.

(4) Variety of styles:

ZAMAC handles are available in a variety of styles, antique style, European style, Country style, Modern style, Classical style.